How to Know if You Have Been Muted on Facebook Messenger

If you have doubts about whether your Messenger messages reach their destination or are simply being ignored, keep reading because we are going to reveal the keys to know who ignores your Messenger messages.

The first thing you can do to find out if someone is ignoring your messages in Messenger is to check the read mark of each message. After read your message, maybe your contact have decided not to reply or just do it later.

To do this, we will first take as a reference the Messenger application for iOs and Android, both tablet and smartphone, and we will login into our fb account.

Then we will enter the Chat that we want to audit. To do this, we must touch the search bar on top and write the name of the chat or the person. Then we will click on his name.

Once the chat is open, we will see what is the icon that appears after the message sent. If a thumbnail photo appears, it means that the message was read but not replied. If you find a «tick» symbol, then the message has not been read yet, but it was delivered.

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If your contact knows the trick to read messages without opening them, for example from their notification area, it is possible that the message is read but the read icon does not appear.

If you need to check the confirmation of reading messages in Messenger on PC, you can do it from 2 places, from the Facebook chat or from Messenger:

  • From the Facebook chat – after logging in using the official Facebook website or the desktop application for Windows, click on the lightning bolt icon inside the area at the top right and click on the chat you want to audit to open it. If the message has been read you should be able to see the text «Seen: hh:mm DD-MM-YYYY» under the message. If the message was not displayed, you will instead see a tick symbol (✓), confirming only the delivery.
  • From Messenger – Login into Messenger from your web or from the desktop application for Windows. Click at the top, on the search bar and type the name of the person or chat you need to audit. Below the message you can see 2 things: Either a thumbnail photo of the profile of said user (which will mean that the message has been read) or simply a tick symbol (✓), which will confirm that it has only been delivered.
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Although this system guarantees that a user saw a message when their profile image or the date and time of viewing appears, it does not guarantee otherwise, that they have NOT read it, since there are tricks and ways to read that message without actually opening it.

Check when someone last accessed Messenger

An additional way to know if someone is ignoring your messages is to know when that person last accessed Messenger and check it. If the person logged in after receiving messages and there is still no response or have a read «confirmation», it means you has been ignored.

Smartphones and tablets

If we want to check it using the Facebook app or its website, we will have to open the platform, go to the chat in question and check the date of the last connection.

However, be careful, it is possible to configure the privacy of Messenger so that the date of the last connection is not public and therefore it will not be used to track the last access. Likewise, if you have blocked that information from third parties, you will not be able to verify the data of others. It seems fair, doesn’t it?

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If we are going to use the iOs or Android application, we will have to: Log in to our account. Click on the search bar at top. Write the name of person whose last access you want to see and choose from those shown as a suggestion.

Here you can see the last access data (if available) below the user’s name. We will see an «Active now», an «Active X minutes ago», or nothing if the user has this option blocked in their privacy.


Finally, if you want to verify the login of a person through Messenger from a PC, you will simply have to access the browser version or the desktop application to see the last time the user logged into their account.

If someone decided to hide their last access information to Facebook chat, you will not be able to track the information we are looking for. Likewise, you won’t be able to do it either, since these options are «copied» so that if you don’t offer information, you won’t be able to receive it either.

When opening a the chat of the person we are looking for to find out their last connection, we will see certain information under the name. If you see the words Active [N] h ago or Active [N] min ago and the last login was after the message was sent, it may have been ignored. Likewise, if the user is active, it should have the «Active now» message marked under her name.

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Additional tricks for Facebook Messenger

To finish this post, we will have another series of tricks for Facebook messenger that will allow us to know if a user ignores our messages or not.

Although some of these tips may seem simple or obvious, it really never hurts to remember them:

  • Control the time between messages: Sometimes not receiving an instant reply does not mean that you are being ignored. The recipient may have read the message but cannot reply at the time, or may leave it to reply later but it will pass. It is best if you send a new message in a few hours, clearly asking for an answer. If you do not respond to this second message either … well yes, you may be ignoring him.
  • Analyze if he answers «reluctantly»: If the answers you receive from a person are always vague, short or have nothing to do with the question or conversation, then they are probably ignoring you as well.
  • Openly ask why it ignores your messages: This way we can get the reason why they do not respond to us or directly that we are in an error. In any case, we will obtain an explanation that may allow us to restart the relationship so the messages are not ignored in the future.