Discover the content of deleted WhatsApp messages

I tell you how to do it because we all have sent a message to the wrong chat or the wrong person or we have said something that we have regretted instantly, and we are tried to erase asap because the shame. WhatsApp now gives you the possibility of deleting the messages but against it we are also eager to read that message, let’s call it «wrong» that was deleted.

Well, the developers of WhatsApp have heard the cries and complaints of their users and have decided to put a solution to our problems with messages and clumsy fingers. For some time, the WhatsApp application has incorporated into its program the option of being able to delete messages sent to third parties, as long as no more than 7 minutes have passed since they were sent. This function is very practical and widely used by users.

In this case, we will try to do exactly the opposite: Reveal how to discover the content of that deleted message, in the simplest way possible, for this we will use the notification history of your mobile, which works on all Android phones.

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 Read deleted WhatsApp messages

We will read the deleted WhatsApp messages taking advantage of the mobile notification history, because the mobile notification system always save a copy of the incoming messages.

On this point, it is important to know that we need meet some requirements to be able to read the deleted WhatsApp messages:

– Our Android version has to be 6.0 or higher

– The message notification must reach the mobile.

– We must have read the notification or silent it from the screen.

– If we have WhatsApp opened the notification will not reach us.

– We can only read the first 100 characters of the deleted message.

– We can only see the deleted messages if are texts, and icons in some cases too.

Well, having met these requirements, let’s see how we access the notification history.

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Accessing notification history

 We will access the notification history using an application.

We must open Google Play for the notification registration application and install it, which helps us to keep a record of any notification that comes to our mobile and we access it quickly and easily.

The most used and easy to handle notification logging applications are:

– Notificationhistory Log: when you install it, it asks you for permission to access notifications and shows you an Advanced History. Basically it shows all the notifications exactly as you received them.

– Notif Log NotificationHistory: it is a very simple application that saves a copy of all the notifications that arrive to your mobile phone so you can check them later.

And once installed the applications that suits us, we can read the message deleted from Whatsapp.

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We can read now the deleted message

To read the deleted message we go to the notification registration application, and then we can see all the information of a notification from an incoming message.

WhatsApp that was deleted, the time and date of the notification, the contact person, etc., but the interesting is the part that says «android.text» which is the content of the deleted message.

Why did we choose the WhatsRemoved app?

We have chosen this application because it is one of the few that can be obtained from the official Google Play page, it is free and the conversations are saved on the phone, not on external servers. You know that we take great care of your privacy. It is a perfect application to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

How WhatsRemoved App work?

The functionality of this application is extremely simple. All we have to do is download the application, install it and allow access to our notifications.

This application will create a copy of the notifications that have been modified, as is the case when a message is deleted on WhatsApp. That is, if they send us a message by WhatsApp and then delete it, the application picks it up and shows it to us.

When we find the title of «message deleted» in our WhatsApp conversation, all we have to do is go to the WhatsRemoved application and we will see that we have a modification notice. Now we enter the notice and the original message that had been deleted will appear. Remember that everything is saved on our phone.

In addition, this application is also compatible with other message applications, so it will be worth much more.